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Over 40 years of repairing, replacing, and renovating chimneys and masonry throughout Evanston.


Our story began in Evanston,1979, where one of our very first projects was to tuckpoint Dave's Italian Kitchen, back when he was on Church Street. Since that time, we've been helping the Evanston community grow into the beautiful area it is today. Because of our commitment to doing "The right job at the right price", we've relied heavily on the best advertising in the world... word-of-mouth.  


Our experience has helped us complete work for the local residents, churches, School District 65, synagogues, businesses, and other prominent buildings in the area such as Evanston High School! We know the importance of keeping your buildings safe from the brutal elements, so give us a call to talk about how we can continue to honor our commitment to the community by doing great work for YOU!  


Nicholas Middle School
Greenleaf Street
Our Story
What happened at Evanston's Custer St. Fair this year?

"Proposal was clear.  Workmen were neat and efficient.  Plenty of contact, double checking the work, and followup.  Strongly recommend this firm."

                   - R.A., Northbrook


"The work is so good, you cannot tell where the repairs were made.  Highly recommend Evanston Masonry!"

                         - L.D., Wilmette

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" ...incredibly knowledgeable about all-things-brick. His prices are competitive. The work is incredible. The crew - talented and tidy."

                       - N.R., Winnetka

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