Tuckpointing Specialties

When's the last time you took a good look at your building's walls? If the space between the bricks is wearing away, you'll need us to fill in the areas with fresh mortar to prevent moisture from coming in! We'll be happy to walk your property with you and give you an expert assessment of your buildings' needs.  


Customer called with concerns that the building needed a little "sparkle".


Evanston Masonry gave the building a standard grind, tuckpoint, and wash. Look at the difference!

Our crew members are some of the best in the industry. We work with skill and efficiency to get your property looking its absolute best.  

We respect your property and will leave our work spaces clean and organized... every time!

Tuckpointing Jobs Completed Around Town

Tuckpointed both neighbors!

Kenneth Ave., Skokie

Greenwood Ave., Wilmette

Evanston Township H.S.

Ridge Ave., Evanston

Kilbourn Ave., Skokie

Kilbourn Ave., Skokie


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